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bl■e intercontine○ntal telecom○ services for Brazil○ians and C◆ameroonians. It●'s the fir〓st large-scale pr○oject in th■e region led by o〓ne of the Big 3 Ch◆inese Telecom op〓erators and Chin○a-based equipment m◆anufacturers.Ch●ina Unicom and C○amTel are re●sponsible ●for the build◆ing and mainten◆ance of SAIL, whi■le Huawei Marine Ne◆tworks deliver■s systematic ○solutions.US$8◆5 million of SAIL wa●s funded by Export-I○mport Bank of C◆hina, while the■ remainder was○ covered by Cam■Tel, which ■includes C○hina Unicom● financing US$○34 million to the C■ameroon-base■d telecom.U●pgrading Came●roon's future●In Cameroon's c■apital city - Ya●ounde - on Jun〓e 27, Huawei Techno●logies Co. Ltd.● Chief Executive O■fficer (CEO) ■Guo Ping, China Unic○om CEO Lu Yi◆min and CamTe■l General Manager (●GM) David Nko○to Emane, s○igned the

for〓mal agreement."Chi〓na has strategi■c partnership●s with Africa〓 and South Ame○rica," the Glo●bal Times quotes L■u as sayin●g. "SAIL not onl〓y provides high-qua○lity internationa〓l communicat●ions services to〓 countries in t●hese two c●ontinents, 〓but also s■erves Chinese com●panies to develop t●heir business in ●the region."The p■roject can advanc〓e Cameroon's ■digital economy,● so its nation

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